Honing my craft

Recurse Center Day 2

August 11, 2020

Today I spent the majority of my day reading and coding. After tweeting a few folk I decided to switch my textbook over to Engineering a Compiler by Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon. I’ve read the first two pages, but admittedly scanner theory is a little tough. I’ll need to write a blog post on finite automata to really drill it in.

I also began working on Crafting Interpreters, specifically the bytecode VM, in Rust. Repo here. This will give me something to fall back to just to make sure I’m writing code regularly. I’d like to finish chapter 15 this week (introducing the virtual machine), and then also kick off Nand2Tetris. I DO have an exam Thursday, so I may take a bit easier just to study.

If I can go pretty deep into compiler stuff in the first 3-4 weeks, I can use the last couple of weeks to read some papers and MAYBE learn some Go along the way.

Having fun though!

Nikhil Thomas

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